You said, "I don't want to move on. It's too hard."

“It’s hard! I don’t want to move on” is what you said.

You feel the pain that lingers because of your choice to stay still. You see and feel the memories that you shared. You only see your past. You are not living in the moment because you are carrying the past in your purse and wallet. You keep it secure to protect it. You then put on shades that block your present view so that you can appear to be ok and so that people won’t see the truth in your eyes.

Your present is now conflicted by your past. How can your present live when your past is still kept alive and secure? When you choose to keep your past present, you are not choosing to live. You are not living in the moment. You have told nature, “ I don’t trust that you know what I need. I don’t trust that I should be here, right now, in this moment. I don’t trust. I don’t trust you.”

Let go of old memories and create new memories. Not wanting to move on is not wanting to be You. You are your journey.

Remember that nature was here before you. It created you. It knows that you need to be here in this moment. But it is you that have to choose and trust it.

The moment that You choose love, is the moment that you choose You...because nature has already chose you….Become one with nature which is becoming one with you.

So, trust that nature has let go of your past. is your turn.

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