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Sophia Alexandria is the founder of Sophia Alexandria LLC. She is a writer, speaker, coach, course creator, mother of 2 girls, and a “fun gal.” She is the creator of the online courses, “Ignite You, Uncover Who You Are, Foundational Steps to Becoming a Better You, and the masterclass “How To Turn Your Breakup Into A Wakeup.” 


Sophia has been a repeat feature on The Texas Metro News Station. She is a Radio Personality for NSF Radio, Inc. as a member of the Powerhouse Squad that is featured weekly on Thursdays at 1PM EST. She has also collaborated Live with other influencers in the industry. She has had over 900 people to take her online courses. She is a soon to be author. Her book called, Forever Unbroken - Overcoming Heartbreak” will soon be published and available for purchase. 

She is a "Move Past Your Pain" Coach. She has a focus on self-awareness, self-healing, love, and relationships. She helps you to self-heal through self-reflection. She unbreaks the broken. She helps you to turn your pain, your shame, and your stains into your main strength.

My Story

"Did you know that the swan is a symbol of grace, peace, beauty, devotion, love, fidelity, purity, partnership, elegance, energy, protection, calmness, creativity, and transformation? With the elements of water and air, they epitomize eternal life."

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