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Heartbreak is a devastating experience to go through. Some or even you may look at heartbreak as a problem that passes with time. How many times have you actually heard of someone not getting over someone and it has been more than 2 years since that person’s breakup? Many times. There are some that take things to their graves, meaning that they die never getting over their ex, their heartbreak, their pain. That could be you. There may be some things that are preventing you from taking that next step of investing in yourself…

(7 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you are unsatisfied with this course for any reason, we will refund your money. No questions asked.)

Inside of Uncover Who You Are

Here Is What's Included 

The Mindshift

What is the mindset that you actually need to have to start this journey to uncovering yourself?

If you don’t have the correct mindset, then change will not take place because you still have the same thought process.

The Codependency Breakthrough

How can you truly uncover who you are if you are still dependent on your ex?

Going through a breakup can cause several emotions, feelings, and thoughts to come to the surface.

One of the first thoughts is “I can’t survive without my ex.”

My Real Mirror Technique

Learn how to assess and apply the changes needed in your life.

This tool makes it clear for you to see and address issues to continue your journey in uncovering who you are without your ex.

The Power Principles

How can you overcome this journey without the power and strength you need?

We can talk about many things, but if there is no power there, there is no movement, there is no change.

The Vision

Without the vision, there is no direction. Create the vision so that you may see it clearly.

The Workbook

This is a 17 page workbook that will help you get started in this journey.

Get access to a private group of like minded individuals.

Time Will Heal It - We all know that time does pass, but time does not heal all pain. The longer that we sit and let things fester and build is the moment that we are choosing not to take care of ourselves.

Getting over my ex is really not a big deal - Yes, it is a big deal. Did you know that most physical illnesses start from within? What is your heart saying? Is it hurt? What is your mind telling you? Is it confused? Do you have a lot of emotional and mental and spiritual infections that are lingering? Guess what? If they are not addressed, it will turn into something that you can feel physically.

I can’t afford to invest in myself - Have you heard of the saying, “Wherever there is a will, there is a way?” Or how about, “If you want it, you can have it?” Or what about, “You can as long as you believe that you can.” Well, I am here to tell you that if you don’t invest in yourself, who will invest in you. When you invest in yourself that is a sign that you do care about your being, your life, who you are. You care about the betterment of yourself and your well-being. It is a statement to yourself that you are willing to get yourself to the place that you need to be.


My friends and family think it’s stupid to get help about overcoming my heartbreak or getting over my ex. My question about that statement is, “So what about what others may say about you or what they may do? Who gives a damn? I surely don’t and neither should you. If you allow others’ opinions of you to determine where you should be or what you should do, you will become the puppet on the string and yes, others will come to watch the show.

I Don’t Believe That I Will Ever Get Over My Ex - As you believe, so shall you have. That is true. If you believe that you can’t change or can’t do something, this is true. If you get a small ounce of hope from something or someone, you better run with it. Take it and develop it. Because it can be that hope that allows you to see and become the greatness that you are.

You Think That You Are Alone - You Don’t Have Support - Yes, there are others that don’t understand. But there are others that are rooting for you. And you have one here in your corner and that’s me. I understand because If you have to walk on a journey to Africa, would you want someone that has never taken that journey to give you the ins and outs or someone that actually went on the journey to tell you the ins and outs?

I Love Him/Her Still - Yes, while that is true, you can still love a person and move on from them and wish them happiness and success truly. How do I know? Been there and done that. I teach you how.

I Am Afraid - Fear can be used as a hindrance or a driving force. I can tell you that I was afraid, but I chose the latter. Which will it be for you?

I Need To Think About It - Do you really need to think about receiving the healing that you need? If you want it, get it. Sometimes, we think that we need to think about getting help so that we don’t have to suffer as long as we do. Yes, think about it, but it can be clear to you if you choose to allow it to be clear to you. There other forms and ways of help, but I am offering you what I know works. Been there, done that, overcame that!

This May Not Be The Best Time - You determine when the time is right for you, no one else unless you allow them to. You make the time that you want.

Reason Why You Are Not Moving On

  • Fear

  • Insecurity (Mental, Emotional, Physical)

  • Jealousy

  • Kids

  • Waiting For Him/Her to Return

  • Wasting Time

  • Not Addressing The Issues

  • Unforgiveness

  • Waiting for Closure

  • Trust Issues

  • Loneliness

  • Loss of Power

  • Loss of One Self

  • Resentment

  • The Pain

  • Your Thoughts

  • Abuse (Mental or Physical)

  • Traumas

  • Unresolved Issues

  • Exhaustion

  • Marriage

  • History

  • Rejection

Image by Ryan Moreno

It can be any of the 1000 reasons that exist and the list can go on. One question for you, what is your reason to move on?

(7 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you are unsatisfied with this course for any reason, we will refund your money. No questions asked.)

I was married at an early age. I went through the feelings that everyone goes through….I’m in this until the end for better or for worse. I became pregnant towards the end of it and was still divorced. I almost immediately got into another relationship and started the cycle again. I have married shortly after. I immediately became pregnant and this one was over longer than it lasted. I was heartbroken.


The second time that I got married, I was sure that it wasn’t going to end because I was going to give my all and make it work. Little did I know that no matter how bad I wanted him, didn’t mean that he wanted me. I stayed heartbroken for more than 2 years. I had refused to move on. Why? Because I was waiting for him to come back. I was waiting for closure. I thought that he would realize what he was missing.

  • I struggled with closure

  • I struggled with not addressing the root issues

  • I struggles with loneliness

  • I struggled with jealousy

  • I struggled with “The Waiting Period”

Image by Naomi August

Now that I have been there, done that, and overcame that, I have experienced life peacefully.

  • I know my value

  • I found myself and know how to never lose myself to anyone or anything

  • I gained my power back

  • In relationships, I am no longer needy because I have everything I need regardless of if no one ever gives me anything

  • I am no longer jealous. In fact, I embrace the fact that my ex is free to love whomever he wishes to and I encourage it

  • I am now a repellent to BS. Because I am clear about who I am, my path is clear to me.

  • Most of all I have peace and happiness about the past, present, and future

When you go through heartbreak, it is so easy to stay right where you are. It’s harder to push through and move past the pain. But that’s what I did. I eventually decided I wasn’t going to let my Ex put my life on hold. That is what you have to decide now. I did that by taking the following steps.

pexels-namakuki-751374 (2).jpg
After Hours
Using my REAL MIRROR tool
Uncovering myself - one layer at a time
Girl with Arms Stretched Out
Realizing and recognizing what
I uncovered
Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Learning from what I Uncovered
Image by Septian simon

Addressing every infection and layer that I had

Image by William Farlow
Applying the Cure

Learn foundational and transformational steps to Uncover Who You Are

I help and guide you in exposing and uncovering these layers.

Through a process of guided self-reflection and awareness, I can help you rediscover yourself and find the inner strength and resilience you didn’t even know you had.

Sophia Alexandria

What are others saying?

(7 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you are unsatisfied with this course for any reason, we will refund your money. No questions asked.)


Sophia, you truly are a blessing. You have inspired me and caused me to rise above what I was struggling with. I now have a new view. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.


You were called to do this. At a person my age, I should be shedding light on you, but you have touched me and caused me to question my doings and have helped me to see just what I need. Thank you!


Thank you for being the example. Because of the things you have taught me and showed me, I will now always be Forever Unbroken.


Your course has done so much more in 3 days than two years of therapy has done.

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