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I help individuals who struggle with moving on from past relationship breakups to resuscitate their authentic power as the one true wielder that ignites their inner flame.

I am a Move Past Your Heartbreak Coach. You can call me the Greif Relief Coach. My focus is on self-awareness, self-healing, love, and relationships. 


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In life we go through ups and downs. We go through experiences that can alter our lives: change the way we view things. Going through a heartbreak can definitely do that. Should you love any longer? Should you just accept that you will never get it right or figure it out? Will you ever move on? These are all questions that we ask ourselves when dealing with the pain of a heartbreak.


It is up to us to choose how we see this experience. But when you choose to see it, choose to see it with love. And love starts with you. 


What steps should you take now? Start with loving yourself. Loving yourself first is the most important thing that you can do for yourself. What is self-love? Self love is regarding yourself in the best ways spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is putting yourself first, giving yourself what it is that you need. It is knowing what you deserve.


If you do not feel love for yourself, start today. Know that you deserve it. Tell yourself that you are beautiful. Tell yourself that you are great! Love every part of you. Love your imperfections and your flaws. It is yours to love. Today start loving yourself beautifully. 

6 Things You Say To Give You A Boost of Good Vibes

I deserve every good thing that comes my way.

I am happy to give myself what I need. 

I care for myself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I do not starve myself of the things that I need.

I choose to love myself even through the negative experiences that I may encounter.

I love myself beautifully.

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